Release av Preposterous Pils!

Missa inte chansen att vara med på releasen av vår nya samarbetsbrygd – den ”omöjliga Pilsnern”!
White Labs – Beerbliotek – Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri. Vi kör gemensam release i Göteborg, Stockholmsområdet och vi har såklart även release på bryggeriet.
Första fatet är självrunnet och det slår vi hål på kl. 18:00 prick!

Det är fritt inträde men man måste boka sin plats. Boka din plats HÄR!

Här följer några ord från vår bryggare Andrew:
”It all started when Jimmy from Beerbliotek asked me about how we might brew the best possible Pilsner we could. Quite quickly there were NINE brewers and yeast geeks involved! It ended in possibly our most nerdy brew ever! Everything we can do as brewers when we are not restrained by all the normal limitations of running a brewery and with a strong nod to how a Pilsner would have been brewed traditionally many years ago. 100% Pilsner malt from our best maltser, Bamberger in Bamberg, Germany. All of the complexity is left to the double decoction brewing technique rather than special malts which occupied the brewhouse for two whole days where we would normally brew 6 times.
Traditional and geographically correct hops of course. White Labs overheard the discussion and jumped into the party with the finest yeast and advise on fermentation techniques. Time as an ingredient… After fermentation our beloved Pilsner got nearly 3 months cold lagering time in the tank. This is important to any lager as it refines the beer and is normally only 2 weeks. Unfiltered! Only natural sedimentation to clarify the beer here. Just like the good old days, but also enhances the body and flavour when served fresh.”